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February 07 2009

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Man are old people are weird when it comes to the web.
They don't like anything that looks good. So here's what we had to end up with on that website. I hate it. (just a mockup) I'm almost done on coding.

January 25 2009

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Viewzi is an amazingly inventive search site. It offers multiple views depending on the the kind of content you are searching for. This site truly makes you feel as if you are in the future of the web. It is a very impressive showing.

January 20 2009

Ubiquity is a language based user interfaced designed to connect the web. Currently in the prototype stage, ubiquity essentially automates the routine tasks we need to do in between main task in order to accomplish our goal. For example adding an event to our calender. In a traditional browsing environment this would require many steps. In ubiquity this is simplified to one.

This is a great concept which once fully brought to life will be amazing.
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A very nice blog from the head design of Mozilla labs. I've been following him for a year now and never have come across any boring content. He keeps everything very interactive and replies to most suggestions.
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I am going to be redesigning this site (well I'm doing the coding) hope to get a before and after going.

January 17 2009

So pretty much this is a torrent site for only full albums. Each album is approved before hand which eliminates dead torrents and just complete junk. The thing that truly wins me over is the interface. It is so simple and quick. You can find exactly what you are looking for instantly. By far the best torrent site I've ever seen.

January 16 2009

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My new myspace. I'm very proud of it.

January 09 2009

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Amazing bass duet on one bass.

January 08 2009

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Death Cab For Cutie's latest album takes the wonderful vocals of lead singer Ben Gibbard to a whole new level. While long time fans my not enjoy the album upon first listen, it slowly grows on you. It turns into something you want to listen to everyday. Death Cab's use of dynamics make many of the songs on this album almost perfect.

January 01 2009

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This picture doesn't capture how fun this was to build. If you look at the base it starts small and expands. Then each level going up is switch around. So pretty much it is an awesome balancing act. I love it.

December 11 2008

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Pretty much an awesome concept. A browser in a music player.  Its not meant to replace your default browser but rather help you find new music.

This media player is the only one in my mind that has the easy and attractiveness that itunes has. It is also the model child of web 2.0. It automatically find information such as artist bios, pictures, videos, lyrics, and recommends other bands depending on who you are listening to.

The only thing lacking for me is managing my ipod touch  and the ability to use the built-in next previous and play/pause buttons in the mac keyboard.

I have to say this is a very impressive media player and by far the best on linux. Definitely give it a try.

December 04 2008

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These books are incredible. The story sounds cheesy, goofy even. But D.J. MacHale  creates this wonderful world. (or should I say territory) Bobby is a Traveler. His mission is to save everything from St. Dane. So many twists and an incredibly suspenseful story create the worlds perfect book series.

December 01 2008



An amazing programming challenge website

November 26 2008


November 25 2008


3D Painted Rooms - 2Loop.com

My friend Charlie wanted to see these. So I am showing them to him.

November 21 2008



(DOC, 38.5 KB)
My chem lab. I hope I get a good grade on it.
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I got the haircut. It's so much better.

November 20 2008



I got to go get my hair cut.  It needs it bad.

November 19 2008

This is Betty Ann. My techcore band. Recording was with one mic in a basement. So quality is very lacking and no vocals. And the song is not final. Just us having some fun.

Update: no longer in Betty Ann. The guys don't need me holding them back. I can't devote enough time.

November 16 2008

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Me in my band Breakdown a long time ago. Fun stuff.
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